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Administrative Services

The ADMINISTRATIVE PACK has been designed for people who wish to benefit from expertise and complete assistance in the import process, while leaving them the pleasure of repatriating their new acquisition themselves.

Inspection in Germany

We assist you directly, with an expert on site who will see the vehicle directly in Germany at the dealership and study the condition of the vehicle and the documentation with the detailed price report.

Negotiation and Transaction

Our expert will assist you with a payment service directly for the reservation or the complete payment of your future vehicle with the dealer in Germany

Transport and Delivery

We can arrange for your vehicle, already purchased in Germany, to be repatriated to the destination of your choice on our flatbed trucks or car carriers


The cost of the registration is always at the customer's expense (registration certificate + possible malus). The cost of the registration certificate including the malus will be carried out directly by our service with the delivery of your registration card at your home directly

Advice & Expertise

Experience is added to our service, as many problems or methods can arise during the car import process.

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Definition of your search criteria, Selection of vehicles corresponding to your criteria, Proposals and advice on the choice of vehicle, Consultation with our partners, Checking the vehicle registration document, maintenance booklet and certificate of conformity of the vehicle, Check-up and complete feedback on the condition and history of the vehicle, Negotiation of the price, establishment of the contract and follow-up of the payments, Administrative formalities for registration(*) Verification of the follow-up, Provisional plates (administrative formalities to be paid by the client or negotiated if necessary). Verification of the vehicle registration document, maintenance booklet and certificate of conformity of the vehicle originals on site, Detailed check-up of the vehicle with photos sent on site

  • Online Service
  • Advisor 7/7
  • Visio expertise
  • Secure Transaction
  • Follow-up of your project
  • Express delivery
  • Express deadline
  • Secure transport
  • Geolocation
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