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About deauto car broker Germany import Germany car

About us of Deauto IMPORT AGENT

The easiest way to buy your used car from Germany is to be assisted by a car import agent who has a good command of the language, the administrative formalities and the whole import process.

is to choose a reliable, risk-free and surprise-free solution to the purchase of a vehicle in GERMANY

Our company's aim is to find your ideal at the best price. We attach great importance to our customers and our main concern is to satisfy them.

We provide a range of services to make it easier for you to find and import your new vehicle into France.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is also advisable to turn to reputable car brokers, especially a reputable German car broker such as Deauto.




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Points control


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Economy on the vehicle

Why Choose Us

Whether you know the model and options of your future acquisition or whether you are hesitating, our sales team will share with you the knowledge acquired over the last 7 years.

Our Mission

Our service covers all aspects of advice, administration and logistics related to the import of your used vehicle.

The little extra

Deauto is a part of the UKAUTO group which has become a leader in the import of vehicles into the UK. In response to this demand we offer our customers a platform to use our services for importing into Germany.

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The procedure

Thanks to the European Union, buying a used car in Germany is relatively easy, although there are some additional steps to be taken.


Research & Consulting

Simple, fast and efficient: access all the advice from our experts who will manage and monitor your import


Visit to Germany of your car

First of all, to benefit from lower prices. The used car market in Germany is very large.


Negotiation & Purchasing

We also negotiate the sale price with the seller directly to find the best price



We prepare the delivery with the follow-up directly you only have to receive your vehicle with all the documentation

How do we import a vehicle into Germany?

The import procedures are simplified by the geographical proximity of Germany and the fact that we are both members of the European Union. However, you will be confronted with certain questions at the time of the various procedures.

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Import steps

Stage 1

As a French person, it is not always comfortable to look at real estate ads on foreign websites. The translations can be approximate, and the possibilities of misunderstanding are numerous due to the difference in language. There is a complete service that offers to manage the car search on these foreign sites, as well as negotiations with the seller. This service is provided by a car agent: a bilingual person, usually a car specialist. This avoids any confusion and provides greater security in checking for hidden defects or anomalies.

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Step 2

That's it. You've spotted your dream car and made contact with the seller. It's time to sell, and your new car will soon be delivered to you. But before that happens, you'll have to go through a few formalities and register it in France. Obtaining the registration certificate is the most important part of the import process for a German car. And to get the French registration certificate you will need to collect several documents, some of which are required at the time of sale.

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